Although outstanding amounts of Standbys and Demand Guarantees dwarf Commercial LCs 25:1, there has been no professional certification program similar to the CDCS (for documentary credits). The Certified Standby & Guarantee Professional Certification Programme fills that need.

The CSGP Certification Programme has been developed by the leading organization in the world on Standbys and Demand Guarantee practice and law, under the auspices of the Council on International Standby Practices (CISP). Recipients of the CSGP designation will be designated experts in the field of Standby LCs and Independent Guarantees.

Developed in 2010, CSGP Certification is a joint certificate issued by IIBLP and CISP as a Professional Certificate Programme. All candidates will be required to complete coursework and take an examination. While there is no “years in the field” requirement to complete this coursework, it is recommended by the Council that candidates have a minimum of 3 years experience. To this end, all CSGP Candidates are requested to submit a current resume and a letter of reference from a supervisor.

All coursework is available online, and the examination is offered online anytime. This means that CSGP Candidates can complete the coursework and take the examination at their own pace.

The CSGP is THE international standard for Standby LC and Independent Guarantee specialists. It is the only certification covering all 3 practice rules (URDG 758, UCP600, and ISP98) and standbys and demand guarantees.

The CSGP designation will enhance your career and your organization’s reputation in many ways, including:

  • Increase your expertise and distinguish yourself in the field
  • Demonstrate your level of expertise and understanding globally
  • CSGP is a Professional Certification Programme, an instant resume enhancer and valuable credential to possess
  • Continuing Education requirement will ensure you remain at the forefront of the field for years to come
  • Improve your practical knowledge and understanding of this complex field
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CSGP Success Stories

Latest CSGP Honouree — DCW May 2015.pdf (DCW, May 2015)

Inaugural CSGP Class Announced — DCW Feb 2013.pdf (DCW, Feb 2013)