Upon completion of the coursework, all CSGP Candidates will be required to demonstrate their expertise through an Examination. All CSGP Candidates must achieve a score of 83% (25/30) or better to earn their CSGP Certificate. The first CSGP Examination will be available January 2012.

The CSGP Examination will be administered through an online company called Testrac. Each CSGP candidate is required to obtain a webcam and a microphone, and they must be in use at all times during the examination. An online proctoring service called B Virtual will be monitoring each exam from start to finish to ensure that no unauthorized assistance is received. If any help is received – for example a phone call or another person is heard in the background offering assistance – the activities are recorded and the examination is immediately stopped. These two services working in conjunction will ensure the integrity of the CSGP Examination.

The Examination consists of randomly selected multiple choice questions. There questions follow the 6 parts that make up the CSGP Online Coursework.

At the discretion of the examiners, there may be an essay component as well.