What is the CSGP and what are the requirements?

The CSGP is the Certified Standby & Guarantee Certification Programme offered by the Council on International Standby Practices (CISP) and the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice (IIBLP). This certification programme is intended for practitioners who work with Standby LCs or Guarantees. All candidates are required to complete the approximately 20 hours of online coursework prior to taking the Examination. Completion of the coursework and successful passing score on the examination is required to become CSGP Certified.

When was the CSGP launched?

The CSGP Certification Programme began accepting applications in January 2011.

How do I register for the CSGP?

Add a CSGP certification to your online shopping cart at www.iiblp.org.

How much does the CSGP cost?

The CSGP Certification Programme price, which includes online coursework access and the examination fee, is USD 660. Examination re-takes are USD 100. Renewal of your CSGP Certification is USD 150 every 3 years. Obtaining CEUs will cost an additional fee, to be determined by course providers.

How do I obtain the Materials?

Once you have registered, you will receive a CSGP User Agreement to complete and return. You will then receive your individual username and password. To log in, visit Latitude Learning LMS, enter your credentials and begin your CSGP Programme today!

How do I complete the Coursework?

The coursework is available online. Once you register, you will be given login information. You must complete the coursework in the order listed. You can pause at any time, or stop and resume later as needed. Upon completion of all 6 Parts, you can schedule your Examination. You will receive an email requesting .

How will the actual Examination be administered?

The CSGP Examination will be administered through an online company called Testrac (www.testrac.com). Each CSGP candidate is required to use a webcam and a microphone at all times during the Examination. An online proctoring service called B Virtual will be monitoring each exam from start to finish to ensure that no unauthorized assistance is received. If any help is received – for example a phone call or another person is heard in the background offering assistance – the activities are recorded and the examination is immediately stopped. These two services working in conjunction will ensure the integrity of the CSGP Examination.

What if I cannot take the Examination online?

Remember that you only need a computer, high speed internet, and a webcam to take the Examination online. You may use any computer, anywhere. Web cams can be purchased very cheaply, and are included on many newer laptops.

Must I Take the Examination within a Certain Time Period?

Generally, we recommend that you take the Examination within one year of registering for the CSGP. If you have not taken the Examination after 2 years, your will need to contact us to request more time.

What if I fail the CSGP Examination?

You can re-take the CSGP Examination up to 3 more times. We recommend that you review the coursework before re-taking the Examination. The fee to re-take the examination is USD 100 per re-take.

For how many years is my CSGP valid?

Your CSGP certification is valid for a period of 3 years, renewable by December 31 of the third year. This means that your Certification might be valid for slightly longer than 3 years, depending on when you earned the certification. All CSGP certifications must be renewed by the end of each 3 year cycle, and are always renewable December 31st of the third year. Renewal of your CSGP Certification is USD 150. CSGP professionals are required to earn 24 CEUs over this 3-year period to maintain their status.

How can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

CEU credits can be earned by attending approved standby LC or guarantee courses. A typical 1 day course will earn 6 CEUs. Generally, this means all CSGP holders must attend 4 days worth of courses over their 3 year Certification period.

I have seen that seminars already offer credits towards CSGP re-certification. Is it possible to earn such credits before even passing the Examination?

Yes, it is possible to earn credits before passing the Examination. Once you pass the Examination and are CSGP Certified, any courses you have attended within the previous 12 months which offer CEUs may count towards your Continuing Education requirement. Please contact us for more information by clicking here.

How can I provide Continuing Education Credits at my event?

Organizations wishing to offer CEUs at their courses may register with CISP. Click here for more information.

There are no courses offering CSGP CEUs near me. Can I earn CEUs without attending seminars?

Yes, you can. Throughout the year, IIBLP will offer several different ways to earn your required CEUs. Even if there are no CEU approved seminars in your area, CISP approves webinars and other online training for CEUs, as well as quizzes at the end of select articles and publications. Please refer to the listing of CEU approved courses for a listing of all CEU approved offerings.

What is the CISP?

The CISP is the Council on International Standby Practices. It is the council which oversees, among other things, the CSGP Certification Programme and the International Standby Practices (currently ISP98). For more information on the CISP, click here.