About the CSGP

Established in 2010, the Certified Standby & Guarantee Professional (CSGP) Certification Programme is a professional certificate programme issued jointly by the Council on International Standby Practices (CISP) and the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice (IIBLP).

The CSGP Certification is the industry standard certificate for professionals who specialize in Standby LCs or Guarantees. Achieving the CSGP Certification requires approximately 20 hours of online coursework and successful completion of the CSGP Certification Examination. It is the only examination that covers all three practice rules, the URDG 758, ISP98 and UCP600 and covers both standbys and demand guarantees and provides training in both law and practice affecting independent undertakings.

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The CSGP Examination can be taken online at any time without going to a test center. The exam will be administered through TesTrac, an online testing service. Each CSGP candidate is required to use a webcam and a microphone at all times during the examination. B Virtual will be monitoring each exam from start to finish to ensure that no unauthorized assistance is received. If any help is received – for example a phone call or another person is heard in the background offering assistance – the activities are recorded and the examination is immediately stopped. These two services working in conjunction will ensure the integrity of the CSGP Examination.