The CSGP Online Coursework is available to our registered CSGP Candidates through our partner Latitude Learning on their LMS learning platform.

What that means to you

The various Parts of the course must be taken in order the first time, as each Part is a prerequisite to the next. However, once the candidate has proceeded through a Part, that Part and any previously undertaken Part may be reviewed in any order and as many times as the candidate may choose. Furthermore, the candidate may stop at any point and later resume at the same point, enabling the candidate to study at a comfortable pace.

Registered CSGP Candidates

Once you have registered, signed the CSGP User Agreement, and received your username and password, visit Latitude Learning LMS to log in and begin your CSGP Programme today!

CSGP Demo Available for Groups

For banks, corporates, or institutions interested in obtaining certifications for groups of employees, a demo of the CSGP Online coursework is available. Please contact the IIBLP for more information at